Good Time International Play School Kindergarten 3279


Goodtime International Kindergartens and Nurseries are owned and managed by DEIE (Dramatic English International Education). Its our vision to develop children into leaders of the future who excel in Communication, Creativity, and Care both locally and globally by ensuring students gain mastery in the following domains: Multi-lingual abilities, Socio-Cultural Relationships, Cognitive Development, Emotional Intelligence, Performing and Visual Arts, and Kinesthetic Skills.

DEIE acknowledges the role of English as the lingua franca of the modern world, and also recognizes the growing importance of achieving competency in written and spoken Chinese. Therefore, DEIE has designed a unique curriculum in which pupils communicate and achieve proficient literacy skills in English, and achieve similar communicative and literacy skills in both Cantonese and Putonghua. DEIE also strives to facilitate a multi-cultural approach to engaging with the changing world through incorporating blended learning techniques into our instruction.

At the core of our curriculum is the use of drama and other performing arts to facilitate learning and encourage pupils to develop their creativity, expressiveness and self-confidence. Incorporating process drama techniques is at the core of our ethos; we believe that every child has the capacity to solve problems in a creative and engaging way, and we seek to empower our pupils to consider a multitude of viewpoints.

All International Programs shall be taught by experienced Native English speaking early childhood teachers supported by experienced local early childhood teachers. Our teachers are positioned to give every child the most intimate care and love as they grow with us. We will also cater for each child’s cognitive, physical and emotional development and allow each child to discover their own learning curve.

Good Time International Play School Kindergarten 刊登了 8 份職位空缺

  • 總刊登職缺數量 8 份
  • 電話 2601 3278
  • 傳真 2608 9026
  • 地區 沙田區
  • 地址 Level 4, Block C & D, Shatin Plaza, Shatin, New Territories