Assistant Lecturer / Lecturer (Cybersecurity / Networking / Computer Science) 164

香港專業進修學校 Hong Kong College of Technology

Assistant Lecturer / Lecturer (Cybersecurity / Networking / Computer Science)


  • Perform teaching and student supervision
  • Undertake development and maintenance of the discipline
  • Carry out academic and student activities and duties for quality assurance
  • Coordinate teachers for effective delivery of teaching
  • Undertake any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor


  • Candidates should have at least a bachelor degree or above in the relevant discipline and at least 2 years’ relevant working experience
  • Teaching experience in the related discipline in tertiary education sector is preferred
  • Preference will be given to those with strong academic / professional experience and professional qualifications;
  • Appointees should also possess good communication and interpersonal skills

Interested parties please send your resume with your available date, present and expected salary, and quote the Position Title and Subject(s) that you are going to apply to

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協助處理班務及非華語學生教學工作,照顧非華語學生及活動等工作。 工作時間:星期一至星期五,上午8時30分至下午2時。 需
處理班務及學校工作,負責3歲至6歲學生教學活動等工作(本校推行雙班主任制)。 工作時間:星期一至星期五,上午8時30分至
Responsibilities: • Provide handball training 2 days (after
Responsibilities: • Provide athletics training 3 days (after
•負責校內清潔、搬運物資、設施整理、保養及外出工作 •協助照顧幼兒清潔衛生 •有愛心及願意接受工作安排 •每週五天半工作
⼀般校⼯⼯作, 校舍/學校清潔, 協助照顧學童, ⼀般體⼒勞動職務,搬運傢俬雜物及場地擺設, 外勤, ⼀般庶務⼯作, ⼀
資助小學誠聘2022/2023年度全職支援教師一名。 全職支援老師 職責︰任教加輔小組、代課、當值、協助監考、帶隊及主持
入職條件:持有認可大學學位及教育局認可之師資資格,並通過教育局《基本法》測試的要求。 職 責:任教宗教科(天主教)/視覺
職責內容: -教導及照顧3-6歲幼兒,處理日常班務,安排及推行教學活動 -設計及編寫教學計劃、預備教具、教材,以及設計及