English Language Teacher (LPAT level 4 preferred) 2285

English Language Teacher (LPAT level 4 preferred)

We are now inviting high caliber professionals who are experienced in administrative work to apply for the following position:

– English Language Teacher (LPAT level 4 preferred

Successful candidates will be remunerated according to the pay scales of the Education Bureau.  Date of appointment: 1st September 2022

Interested candidates should send a letter of application and a detailed CV

  1. by mail addressed to “the Principal of Canossa College, 1/F General Office,10 Hoi Chak Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong” or
  2. by email addressed to info@canossa.edu.hk or
  3. by fax at 2562 8910.

before the closing date of 30 April 2022.  Please specify the job title on the envelope or email subject or fax cover.

All personal data collected will be used for recruitment purposes only.


(In view of the implementation of the Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC) scheme, applicants will be required to undergo SCRC before confirmation of their appointment.  Information provided will only be used for recruitment purpose.)

學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 12 份
  • 職位類別 合約/代課老師
  • 電話 25630272
  • 傳真 25628910
  • 地區 香港東區
  • 地址 10 Hoi Chak Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

機構 / 學校搜尋


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