Ethics and Religious Studies (DSE) and Ethics & Religious Education Teacher 2179

Good Hope School 德望學校

Ethics and Religious Studies (DSE) and Ethics & Religious Education Teacher
  • Requirements:
    • A bachelor degree in relevant or related discipline
    • A diploma in Catechism / religious and moral education training offered by the Diocesan Catechetical Centre or Caritas Institute of Higher Education
    • Recognized teaching qualification (PGDE) or equivalent
    • Experience in ERS (English) DSE curriculum
    • Good knowledge of Catholic faith
    • English proficiency, solid teaching experience preferably in English medium schools
    • Enthusiasm for planning and organising religious education activities

    Commencement date for work: Apr 2022

    Closing date of application: 25 Feb 2022


    Please send your full CV and cover letter to the Principal at


    (Please note that according to the EDB circular dated 20 Jan 2022, a “Vaccine Bubble” has been expanded to all schools from 24 Feb 2022. This means that all visitors to schools will be required to present their vaccination records displaying at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine prior to their entry into school premises.  All visitors to a school must now comply with all the requirements under the related arrangement, or else they will not be allowed entry to the school premises.  All personal data collected will be used for recruitment purpose only.)


學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 64 份
  • 職位類別 教練
  • 電話 23210250
  • 傳真 23248242
  • 地區 九龍區域
  • 地址 九龍清水灣道303號

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