Full Time English Tutor 全職英文導師 2359

We are an accredited education centre in Kowloon City, students are mostly from elite schools like La Salle College and Good Hope School. Being one of the largest small-group tutorial centers in Kowloon, we have a sound record to help students enter the most prestigious universities in the world like Cambridge University, LSE and UC Berkeley.

Job Description:

-Teaching English lessons under HKDSE curriculum, primary & secondary school students up to Form 6

-Design and develop lesson plans and class materials

-Produce periodic evaluation reports on students

-Liaise with parents to provide the best learning solutions

-We will devote marketing resources to help you build your personal branding as an English teacher, and provide training opportunities


-Fluent English and Cantonese speakers

-University graduate, preferred in linguistic related subjects

-DSE English language 5 or above, or equivalent

-Detail-minded, positive, eager to learn, ability to work independently with good team spirit

-Experience in teaching is preferred

Job Types: Full-time

Salary: Negotiable

Application method

如有興趣, 請連同CV及期望月薪電郵到: [email protected][email protected]

如有疑問歡迎致電 Melvin Lam 9317 3553

Interested candidates please send CV to the email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Please indicate your expected salary. Any question is welcome to contact Mr Lam 9317 3553




卓峰優越教育中心 (APEX Brilliant Education Centre)

Address: 九龍城聯合道 2 & 4 號地舖 4 Junction Rd, Kowloon City Kowloon, Hong Kong (近屯馬線宋皇臺站)

Website: http://www.apex.edu.hk

Tel: 2383 9801

學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 8 份
  • 電話 93173553
  • 地區 九龍城區
  • 地址 九龍城聯合道2-4號裕聯大廈地下B舖

機構 / 學校搜尋


豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職到校導師*__初中奧數導師(有教師版答案)__每節$250   課程編號:EP9174
豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職ONLINE導師*_小學奧數導師(有教師版答案)__每節$250   課程編號:EP89
豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職到校導師*__初中中文功輔班導師(1位學生能力只有小四程度)__每節$120   課程編
豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職到校導師*__初中奧數班導師(有教師版答案)__每節$300 課程編號:EP8106 學校地址:東
豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職到校導師*__初中中文班導師__每節$300   課程編號:EP8762 學校地址:尖沙
豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職到校導師*__小學奧數班導師__每節$180     課程編號:EP8873
豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職ONLINE導師*_小學中文功輔班代課導師__每節$100   課程編號:EP8835
豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職到校導師*__初中英文導師__每節$180     課程編號:EP9111 學
豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職到校導師*__初中奧數班導師(有教師版答案)__每節$180課程編號:EP9074 學校地址:上水
豆豆導師招聘網 *兼職到校導師*__中一中二功輔班導師__每節$120   課程編號:S4552 學校地址:深