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右思維國際幼兒園暨幼稚園 Rightmind Kindergarten Nursery & Kindergarten
Native English Teacher

Rightmind Kindergarten is a privately owned and operated educational institute with a multicultural workforce. Its teaching philosophies are based on right brain teaching methods. We teach children based on what they are capable of learning – not merely what we think they are capable of learning, but with an understanding of the neurological development of child.  To learn more about us, please visit &


We are now looking for a high caliber teacher to fill the following position:


Native English Teacher

Job Description:

  1. Perform right-brain teaching (training will be provided)
  2. Assist with the development of course curriculum
  3. Assist in the planning and implementation of special courses and activities
  4. Take up ad-hoc projects


  1. Degree in Education, English, or any discipline with TEFL, TESOL or CELTA
  2. Registered Kindergarten Teacher with the Education Bureau in HK is advantageous
  3. Teaching experience with small children, especially 2 – 6 years old
  4. Patient and energetic with genuine interest in education
  5. Strong communications skills overall with the ability to communicate well with parents
  6. Friendly, mature and well organized


We offer good remuneration package and good career prospect to the right candidate.  Interested parties please send full resume with a covering letter including current and expected salary, and date of availability to: and

(*All information provided by applicants will be used for recruitment purposes only and treated confidentially)

學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 5 份
  • 電話 28756501
  • 傳真 28750454
  • 地區 離島區
  • 地址 香港鴨脷洲海怡半島第四期第26-28座地下上層部份幼稚園校舍

機構 / 學校搜尋


元岡幼稚園 全職資深幼稚園老師 職位詳情: -負責教導2至6歲的兒童,帶領教學活動; -編寫教案、兒童學習歷程檔案、製作
匯基書院(東九龍) 校工一名 滙基書院 (東九龍) 本校是一所英文直資中學,秉著聖經真理為學生提供優質的全人教育。現誠聘
保良局梁安琪幼稚園暨幼兒園 全職教師   – 日常職務:進行教學工作、設計課堂活動及遊戲、佈置課室
香港浸會大學附屬學校王錦輝中小學 Music Supply Teacher – Supply Period:
美雅幼稚園 半日教師(上午) 教授2歲班,編寫教案及兒童學習歷程檔案,處理班務及一切教師相關工作. CE或以上專業資格,
美雅幼稚園 全日高班教師 教授及帶領活動,編寫教案及兒童學習歷程檔案,製作教具,處理班務及協助校務. 熟悉中/英文電腦應
寧波第二中學 資訊科技技術員 – 熟悉電腦操作及軟件應用 – 具網絡系統操作經驗  
聖公會青衣主恩小學 事務助理 職位詳情︰ – 負責學校文書、油印、校務處日常工作及學生事務。 –
寧波第二中學 資訊科技助理教師   – 支援課後輔導班 – 負責學校電腦網絡、設備、系
仁濟醫院何式南小學 代課教師   任教英文及視藝科 須持有教育文憑或教育學位 須符合教育局頒佈「接種疫苗或定期