Part-time Native English Teacher (Kindergarten) 4040


Part-time Native English Teacher (Kindergarten)



  1. Teach K1-K3 classes of children.
  2. Prepare and design the daily lesson plan and learning materials. (e.g. storytelling, phonics teaching aids, learning materials in English corner, worksheets and afternoon activities etc.)
  3. Implement activities that is suitable to the needs, interest and the development of children.
  4. To teach English in an immersive environment, e.g. morning exercise, free play, playing corner, tea time, lunch time, music and PE lessons.
  5. To evaluate the teaching process based on the student’s performance and provide pertinence improvement.
  6. Inform parents about their children’s performance and give suggestion.


  1. A recognized Bachelor degree in Education or related principle.
  2. Must be a Native English speaker, proficiency in spoken and written English.


  1. Experience of teaching English in a bilingual environment would be an advantage.

Attitude and skills:

  1. Excellent interpersonal skills, responsible, highly proactive, flexible, enthusiastic and patient to children.
  2. Able to work closely with local teachers and communicate with parents.
  3. Experience of teaching dialogic reading technique, phonics teaching, singing, dancing, and dramatic games would be an advantage.


  1. According to the requirements of the Education Bureau, teachers and school staffs directly employed by the school should receive three doses of COVID-19 vaccine after 31st May,2022 and use the “LeaveHomeSafe” and the QR code Verification Scanner mobile application every time when they enter school.
  2. The school will require prospective employee to apply for the “Sexual Conviction Record Check”.

Candidates who have interested, please send the full resume and letter of application to [email protected]

學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 13 份
  • 電話 27030981
  • 傳真 27010707
  • 地區 西貢區
  • 地址 將軍澳地下景林邨4座景楠樓

機構 / 學校搜尋


Evercare Health Limited 兼職言語治療師招聘   💰$3380/工作 🗓️2022年12
現配合營運需要,Steamlabo Education現誠聘以下職位: 導師(兼職) / 導師(半職) 兼職同事時薪:
李志達紀念學校 教學助理 -持認可副學士或以上學歷 -支援特殊學習需要學生 -協助教師處理行政工作 有意者請於十二月十二
教師職責: 照顧及教導3-6歲幼兒 處理日常班務、編寫教案、帶領活動、環境佈置、製作教具 撰寫兒童學習歷程檔案及兒童評估
負責照顧及教導2-3歲之幼兒、協助教學及分組學習活動、常規等生活上各方面之需要; 另需負責壁報設計、撰寫兒童學習歷程檔案
職責:負責清潔及整理幼兒園的環境、設施、設備及用品,照顧及處理幼兒的衛生及清潔。 資歷:小六程度; 良好粵語; 懂讀寫中
職責:負責清潔及整理幼兒園的環境、設施、設備及用品,照顧及處理幼兒的衛生及清潔。 資歷:小六程度; 良好粵語; 懂讀寫中
本校誠聘以上職位: 具相關認可學士學位,持教育文憑優先 須具教學熱誠,認同本校辦學宗旨 有意者請函履歷寄北角雲景道81號
職責:負責清潔及整理幼兒園的環境、設施、設備及用品,照顧及處理幼兒的衛生及清潔。 資歷:小六程度; 良好粵語; 懂讀寫中