Teaching Assistant (Diploma Level)-English Language 393


Teaching Assistant (Diploma Level)-English Language


Duties : (a) To assist teachers in handling non-teaching duties;

(b) To assist in preparing teaching tools, materials and references;

(c) To facilitate extra-curricular and students’ activities;

(d) To provide academic and counselling support for students;

(e) To prepare data for school self-evaluation and external school review;

(f) To conduct teaching-related analysis and survey;

(g) To design webpage for teaching;

(h) To provide support for students with special educational needs and handle related administrative work;

(i) Work on shift or overtime may be required; and (j) Any other duties assigned by the school.

Entry Requirements : (a) A Diploma from a Hong Kong tertiary educational institution, or equivalent;

(b) Major in related subjects preferred;

(c) A good command of both Chinese and English;

(d) Familiar with Chinese and English input methods and computer operations preferred, such as word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation software;

(e) Relevant working experience preferred; and

(f) May be required to take trade test and/or written test.


Please submit Application Forms [G.F. 340 (Rev. 3/2013)] are obtainable from any Home Affairs Enquiry Centre of District Offices, Home Affairs Department or any Job Centre of the Employment Services Division, Labour Department. The said form can also be downloaded from the Civil Service Bureau’s web site (http://www.csb.gov.hk) and mail to school by post and mark clearly the specific post applied for.

學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 30 份
  • 電話 24903307
  • 傳真 24906645
  • 地區 荃灣區
  • 地址 新界荃灣海壩街70號

機構 / 學校搜尋


Tak Sun Secondary School English Teacher   Recognized f
活石學院有限公司 中文、中史、西史、M2、通識及物理老師   活石學院專注於香港DSE課程培訓,是一所在中國深
佛教慈敬學校 合約資訊科技技術支援人員(TSS)   工作內容: (1)管理學校伺服器、WEBSAMS、內聯網
寶血會嘉靈學校 合約教學助理(學生支援) –   須具大專畢業或以上程度,中英文良好,熟悉電腦操作 –   主動積極具熱
伊斯蘭學校 誠聘合約全職校工 上班時間: 星期一至五 (7:00a.m.–6:00p.m.) (午膳時間2小時) 星期六
粉嶺公立學校 誠聘 教學助理(TA)  教學助理(TA) – 職務:協助製作教材及壁報、帶領課外活動、代課及文
基督教香港崇真會安強幼兒學校 職工 (編號:OK/WM) 小學或以上學歷 負責清潔校舍、搬運物資、協助2-6歲幼兒的自理
粉嶺公立學校 教學助理 (非華語支援) 工作包括:文書處理、學生檔案、製作教材、聯絡家長、入班協助有特殊教育需要學生等。