[Tseung Kwan O] Full Time Teacher (Kindergarten to Junior School) 1758

Steamlabo Education Limited
[Tseung Kwan O] Full Time Teacher (Kindergarten to Junior School)Full Time Teacher (Kindergarten to Junior School)

Salary Information

HKD14,000 to 15,000 monthly (40 hours per week)


About Steamlabo Education Limited

We are a learning center located in Tseung Kwan O. We believe that every student is talented. In here, we will help our students to identify and recognise their natural talents through a unique learning experience. By doing that, we are building up our students with skills that are important for their long term success, such as having a creative mindset in problem solving and learning.



  • Teaching a small group of students
  • Develop lesson plans and teaching materials (including Kindergarten and Junior Primary school students)
  • Able to work in the weekends (Off at Sunday and Tuesday Ideally)
  • May have to work outside of the learning centre if needed

Skills and qualification:

  • Experienced in similar teaching background will be highly considered
  • Bachelor Degree holder preferably in Education or English
  • Comfortable in both written and spoken English
  • Good at using Mircosoft Office (especially Microsoft Outlook and PowerPoint)
  • Passionate in teaching and willing to help children to realise their potential
  • Experience in using Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Photoshop will be highly preferrable

We offer:

Annual Leave(9 days), 5-days work, career prospects, friendly work environment

IF interested, please whatsapp message to 9821-0908 including your CV thank you



學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 6 份
  • 地區 -

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